Fat Magic RPG - 5e Campaign Setting

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A fantasy adventure about food, community, and spaghetti wizards for 5th edition.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

21 days ago – Mon, May 06, 2024 at 09:46:53 AM

Hey there slow-cooked goblins,

I’ve been waiting a long time to post this update. 

The books are here. 

I have the books. 

The books have taken the living room. 

By this time next week, the entire eastern seaboard will be books.

We’re almost there, folks. We’re awaiting delivery on the DM screens and dice towers, both of which should be delivered by the end of this month/start of next. After that, we’ll begin the process of shipping your loot.

Address change

Several backers have mentioned they are having trouble contacting backerkit support to change their address. To make sure everyone gets their books, I have set up a dedicated email for address changes. If you can’t contact backerkit support, send your name and new address to FMaddresschange [at] and I will add it to the master list. 




Dice tower prototype + DM screen content
about 2 months ago – Sun, Apr 07, 2024 at 01:25:10 PM

Hey there milkshake goblins,

I’ve got a couple of quick production updates as we polish off the last few things on our to do list. 

Note: If you’ve changed your address since backing, email backerkit support with your new address and they will send it to us. All adresses will be ammended and doublechecked before shipping. We cannot take addresses through comments or DMs. 

After going through several dice tower prototypes and producers, we’ve settled on this bad boy, which looks great, feels solid, and delivers a satisfying dice rattle. Click here to see it in action.

In DM Screen news, the DM side of the screen has been finalized and designed by a talented graphic designer, who has been helping us get Fat Magic over the finish line. 

Zack Marsh does graphic design for board games and TTRPGs and You can expect to see a lot more from him in the future. Click here to check out his work and commission him to help make your game.

Check out the new content for the DM screen, including food equipment tables, regional flora & fauna, NPC name generator, and list of story hooks and distractions for you little chaos goblins.

That’s all for this month folks. We’re awaiting the prototype of the screen, after which we will take delivery of the tower and screen and begin shipping. 




Gone to Print + Final PDF
3 months ago – Mon, Mar 04, 2024 at 07:10:54 AM

Hi there, stunt food goblins!

This is a super short update to announce that the book has officially gone to the printers and your final PDF is ready to download!

Download Fat Magic PDF.

Check out those sweet Map Crow maps! I’m so glad we were able to get Kyle and Amber to make those for us. They put some much needed shape on a weird and wobbly world and are better than I could have imagined.

I’ll be in touch soon with the last of the production updates and then we move on to shipping logistics.

Note: Locked addresses can be changed by messaging backerkit support. All addresses will eventually be changed by hand by me, but we need to go through backerkit to make sure everyone’s correct address is on file.


Mapcrow Maps, Sweet Loot, & Rad Vibes
4 months ago – Sun, Feb 04, 2024 at 03:02:36 PM

Hey there deep-fried goblins, 

I’ve got a sizable update this month, with some shiny map updates and a sackful of physical loot to show off. 

First up are two maps, drawn by the incredible Kyle Latino of Mapcrow and inked by our very own Amber Seger (is there anything they can’t do?).

Bouillabaisse Region Map
Caketown City Map

Back in the real world, we’ve started taking delivery of the physical products and my living room is slowly being buried box by box. 

Rad Vibes t-shirt designed by Kinley Raftery
Fat Magic drink holder designed by Amber Seger
Critic’s Alliance membership pin designed by Amber Seger 
Fat Magic dice bag designed by Amber Seger 

That’s it for this update, boil-in-the-bag goblins! I’ll be in touch soonwith news on the final pieces of the puzzle. 




5 months ago – Sun, Jan 07, 2024 at 04:18:56 PM

Hi there PDF goblins!

After a holiday season stuffed with too much travel, sick dogs, minor family crises, and multiple cases of covid, the day is finally here: The Fat Magic PDF (beta) is ready! 

Download Fat Magic PDF (beta)

The eagle eyed among you will have spotted that little (beta) tag, so what does that mean? This beta PDF contains everything the final version of Fat Magic does (almost). 

This version is missing 4 maps illustrated by Kyle Latino and Amber Seger.  Kyle and Amber are busy fulfilling their highly succesful Monsterous Kickstarter and weren't able to get the maps in on time, but I didn't want you to have to wait any longer.

In addition to that, the credits page will need to be updated and the player options section needs another round of proofing before the final version of the book is sent to the printer. 

Download Fat Magic PDF (beta)

This PDF has EVERYTHING you need to start your FAT MAGIC campaign, and I'll update shortly with the final version of the PDF, just before we go to print. After which we'll start fulfilling your physical copies!

As always, thank you for your continued patience and support. Y'all have been amazing. 



P.S. Shout out to our graphic designer Amber and our proofers Rebecca & Morgan who worked their asses off this holiday to get this to you.