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A fantasy adventure about food, community, and spaghetti wizards for 5th edition.

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The Founder Revealed
11 months ago – Sun, Jul 02, 2023 at 03:17:41 PM

Hey there hotdog wranglers,

The end of production is fast approaching. The adventure is edited, the monsters are cozied up in the monster menu, and there’s one piece of art left to get in.

I’m meeting with our graphic designer Amber next week to discuss our design schedule and hammer down some dates. After that, everything goes to our production manager Kristina, who will make all our cool stuff into real things and send them to you.

To celebrate the approach of THE END, here’s a look at the BBEG of Fat Magic. This piece was drawn by Carlos (, whose nasty little horror roots really show here.

A large amorphous creature with a grinning mouth enters a tear in reality above the desert. Two gigant figures hold the tear in reality open.
The Founder of the Franchise enters our reality above the Soppressata Desert.



12 months ago – Sun, Jun 04, 2023 at 12:47:32 PM

Hey folks!

I have been waiting so long to write THIS update.

I wish it was a heck of a lot earlier, but you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and kobolds.

After working on this story for two years, and struggling with the worst chronic illness a writer trying to fulfill a Kickstarter could get, Act IV and the FINALE of Fat Magic are in the bag.

I finished writing the main adventure on May 5th, just a few days after the previous update, but I decided to save all the juicy deets for this update.

Since then, I have been reviewing and fine-tuning each act, a process that I finished about…10 minutes ago? Meanwhile, my incredible editors have been hot on my tail, editing all of Act II and III in a single month.

Act IV will be edited this week, after which we will be all be working together to assemble the disparate elements of the book - subclasses, magic items, monsters, and art - so we can pass everything off to our design goblin, Amber.

The team has been singularly focused on getting the adventure completed, so there’s not much in the way of additional updates this month. I took a trip to Texas where I spent my whole time eating and working on Fat Magic the book. That’s about it.

I’ll have a bunch of new art next month and some serious book updates. Stay tuned, spice goblins.



about 1 year ago – Sun, May 07, 2023 at 12:21:13 PM

Hey donut goblins,

Before we get to the usual stuff, I’ve got a BIG REMINDER for y’all. Backerkit orders will be locked on May 8 and we will charge cards on May 9. If you need to change your order or update your card, now's the last chance.

Progress update

I am BLASTING through the final act of Fat Magic. The page count for ACT IV currently sits around 43 pages and I’m expecting the entire thing to be about 70-75 pages. At this clip, the Final Act will be done and dusted before the next update.

Once that’s taken care of, we can move on to editing and layout. To help speed up this process, we’ve brought on an additional editor. El Haney made games for Hunt a Killer for four years before leaving to make their own stuff. They were also one of the original playtesters of fat magic, so they know this game inside out.

Art Update

This month, I’ve got some new art from Carlos (@CSPstuff) featuring one of the Leftonburner Boiler Plates and his partner, the gourdsman Jack. The Boiler Plates are the force guarding the enormous city of Lefton Burner, who recently received a gift of 50 autonomous pumpkin guards from the Critical Alliance.

A pumkin guard at attention and a lazy goblin guard smoking a cigarette
They’re best friends.

That’s it for this month, folks! Gunna keep these short and sweet and focus on writing until we hand off to design.



Order Locks and Refreshed Art
about 1 year ago – Sun, Apr 02, 2023 at 12:09:18 PM

Hey folks,

We got a bunch of hot and tasty updates this month, including writing updates, new art, and important information about locking your backer kit orders.

Lock It Down

With writing production approaching completion, we plan to lock Backerkit orders on May 8 and charge cards on May 9. This is a reminder to log in to your Backerkit to double-check your info and ensure it's all up to date. Next month’s update will hit your inboxes with a last-minute reminder a few days before the lockdown date.

ACT IV Progress

Despite an ass-knocking encounter with COVID, writing has continued to pick up the pace, and ACT IV is growing larger and more ridiculous every day. Lefton Burner is an enormous city with countless places for your players to hang their hats, but here’s a small selection of possible headquarters to whet your appetite.

The Wolf Den. A three-story tavern in the Mariner’s lunch decorated top to bottom with wolf paraphernalia, sigils, murals, paintings, and a big yellow moon hanging over the front door. Rumor has it the bar owner was offering room and board in exchange for work, though Fingerfood heard that the positions were filled a few weeks ago.

Gertrude Muttonpaw is a former gruyere wolf once bound to the baron of Caketown. She came to Lefton Burner when the Baron disappeared and started The Wolf Den with money she made selling heirlooms pilfered from the Volauvent estate. A few weeks ago, The Old Friend turned up on her doorstep, and she provided them with a job and a place to rest over the tavern.

[Editor’s Note: The Old Friend is a hometown friend that will be custom created by your players at the table. They will appear at multiple points throughout the adventure.]

Muttonpaw believes that the end of the curse is merely the end of a gruyere wolf’s obligation to the Volauvents and that it’s possible to reconnect with the gruyere wolf inside through introspection and meditation. The Old Friend can provide a place to crash for a night or two, but if they want to stay any longer, they must pull their weight around The Wolf Den.

Resurrection. An underground goth club in the Sweetmeat with a secret entrance behind the hot dog carousel in the Huckleberry Sardines convenience store on Gumdrop Road and Filth Street. Rumor has it the club is run by “dead types.”

Resurrection is run by an organization of vampires, who have sworn off non-consensual blood drinking, known as The Society. The perks of joining The Society include ethically sourced bottled blood, a community with strong familial bonds, and not being turned into a pile of dust the second you enter the city.

The Mermaid's Better-Looking Sister. A high-concept seafood restaurant experience with magic light shows and tanks of sparkling water filled with clockwork fish. Rumor has it the owner is a reckless spender and will be out of business in a matter of weeks.

Trans triton Mia Saltfish runs the Mermaid’s Better-Looking Sister with the care and abandon of a person seemingly incapable of conceptualizing fear. Or Taxes. Mia built her tavern in the Salmon Ladder using a chest of gold she swiped from her ex-wife, the dread pirate fire genasi known as The Flaming Bones of Regret. Mia will exchange room and board for anyone willing to help her keep her tavern from going out of business.

The Slotted Spoon. A rundown tavern set in a rickety shack in the Marrows. Rumor has it the owner has come down with a strange condition that makes it difficult for him to open his business.

Grouchy halfling Durum Coldoven has been having trouble running his bar since his ex-wife Monica turned him into a loaf of bread. Several mice will attempt to make off with Durum when the party enters the tavern. Durum doesn’t like company but he has an empty room in the back of the tavern for anyone who helps him get his life back on track. His ex-wife would like an apology for neglecting their relationship for the bar.

Bottom of the Ninth. A sports bar in the Sweetmeat owned by a retired cheeseball player. Rumor has it the bar owes a serious amount of money to the Toffee Knockers street gang.

Sam Rennet was a promising young cheeseball batter who destroyed his career with alcohol and violence. Now ten years sober, Sam runs a bar splattered with cheeseball paraphernalia from his glory days. He borrowed money from the Toffee Knockers to start his bar but has been unable to keep up with payments. Now they are threatening to take his bar away and lock him in a whiskey barrel filled to the brim with caramel.

Act I Art Refresh

Those of you who read the Act I PDF have seen the gorgeous placeholder art drawn in pencil by our editor Hannah. We’ve since had that art redrawn by the amazing Kinley (@Kinley_R_Art) to bring it closer to the style in the rest of the book. Feast your peepers on this eye candy.

A sleeping baby hotdog creature named Fankie.
Frankie grows into a full weenie goblin, capable of wielding a sword and shield.
A sprig of lavendar, a corncob pipe, and a foamy beer.
Nothing but vibes.
A green jello salad monster wearing a red baby jello salad monster as a hat.
The baby is its hat.

A brightly colored pasta themed juke box.
Pasta-sheet record player. All killer, no filler.
Two salt licorice crows eating gummy worms.
Salt licorice crows and gummy worms.

That’s it for this month! I’ll be back at the beginning of May with more updates and to remind you about the order lock.



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Fancy Maps, Broken Hearts, & the Big City
about 1 year ago – Sun, Mar 05, 2023 at 10:18:56 AM

Hey there, snack goblins!

This update is going to be a quick one. With my focus on finishing the book, there’s not much in the way of updates except “writing is happening.” That said, I have some specific updates on the format and flavor of ACT IV, new maps drawn by one of my favorite D&D map artists, and I want to give a shout-out to my friends at Cloud Curio, who just launched their first Kickstarter.

Act IV: Boiling Point

The final act of Fat Magic will take your players to Lefton Burner, the capital of the Bouillabaise. An immense black cauldron surrounds the once-great city of Lefton Burner. The colossal pot-bellied walls rise like a black onion over the sprawling farmland, announcing the city as an indomitable force with a penchant for a bit of theater. Only on its sea fairing side does the pot-bellied barricade give way to the natural world, spilling out through an enormous crack in its belly onto the capsicum red waters of Ye Olde Bay.

Leftonburner is a city built on the backs of its workers, a monument of civilization carved with sweat and blood and vegetables shaped like tiny hammers. The city’s working-class district, The Marrows, was once the beating heart of Lefton Burner. They used to say, “if you could swing a carrot, you could make it in Lefton Burner.” Today, overcrowded tenements and dilapidated wrecks choke the winding streets of the city’s oldest burrow.

Of course, Lefton Burner is not without its wealth and opulence. You’ll find plenty of that in Salmon Ladder’s colleges, the Wintergreen’s banks and financial institutions, and the Sweetmeat’s markets. Even the Mariner’s Lunch has some cash to throw around since Amaretto Blacktea took over the Salt Guild.

Act IV is the least structured act in Fat Magic. Armed with the information they’ve learned in ACT II and III, your players will be dropped into a massive sandbox to explore and do what they please. They’ll need to find a place to hang their cloaks, rig an election, meet the spirit of the city, and (hopefully) save the world. Maybe they’ll go up against the Knights of Mint, rob a bank, or befriend a secret society of vampires. It’s entirely up to them.

Much of last month’s writing has been spent fleshing out that world, so it feels alive and full of things to do and places to go. Places like Smelly’s Deli, Cafe Austere, and the Devil’s trashcan.

Smelly’s Deli. Goblin proprietor Yurga Cornmush serves up a sandwich that tastes as good as it stinks. Smelly’s sandwiches are stacked high with cured meat, aged cheese, pungent pickles, and slatherings of Smelly’s secret sauce. Just one of these sandwiches improperly wrapped has evacuated an entire hospital ward with its potent yet appetizing aroma. Food critic Misha Gildenberry once compared eating a Smelly’s sandwich to getting smacked in the face by a sweaty sock stuffed with rotten meat, desire, and the entire works of ogre playwright Gurgle Mouthwash.

Cafe Austere. Austerity is the guiding philosophy of every decision at this subdued fine dining establishment. From the lean and simple menu to the rugged handmade furniture, Chef Antoinette Bonk has crafted a truly humbling experience just steps from Gimlet Street. The only component of Cafe Austere that strays from this philosophy is the price. A single bowl of peasants' soup and rye bread will put you back $65.

The Devil’s Trashcan. Probably the most famous high-concept eatery in the world. Chef Donkeysauce’s first restaurant is notorious for its outrageous, magic-infused stunt dishes. From the Singing Meat Mountain of Complicated Lies to the Shrinking Glazed Donut Waffle Taco, each dish screams for your attention. Note: The Screaming Exhibitionist Salad is no longer on the menu.

Once the city has been fully fleshed out and polished, I’ll be moving on to the major events of ACT IV, namely the election, the search for the ancient lipidator, Titan Arum, and the show-stopping finale.

Broken & Sleeping Hearts

This is my friends at Cloud Curio’s first-ever crowdfunding project! Broken Heart of the Castle and Sleeping Heart of the Garden are homebrew-ready, system-neutral adventures full of exciting story beats, intriguing NPCs, fascinating locations, and menacing threats.

The Kickstarter contains two stories, one of which I wrote a long time ago. This is an existing story I had in my back pocket and hasn’t interfered with the production of Fat Magic. In fact, in a roundabout way, it’s been a huge boon to the book. I’m forgoing payment on this project in return for some maps for Fat Magic drawn by the incredible Kyle Latino and inked by the fabulous Amber Seger.

You might know Kyle from his youtube channel, Map Crow, where he dispenses invaluable advice for drawing D&D maps and creating new and inspired versions of classic monsters. Amber (also running the Kickstarter and writing one of the stories) is a veteran TTRPG graphic designer and artist, and is doing the layout and design for Fat Magic!

You can see a WIP sample of their work together below:

Map of a walking castle with a chained heart in the dungeon.

Broken & Sleeping Hearts was funded in just 48 hours, but you have about seven days left if you still want to support them. For $30, you get a hard copy of both my story and Ambers.


That’s it for this month’s bag. I’ll be back in April with production updates and fresh art.