Fat Magic RPG - 5e Campaign Setting

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A fantasy adventure about food, community, and spaghetti wizards for 5th edition.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

50% funded!
about 2 years ago – Fri, Jul 30, 2021 at 12:33:12 AM

Hey folks,

We have officially blown past the 50% mark and are almost at $11,000! 

As promised by the Fat Magic Twitter account, here’s a picture of my dog in a sandwich costume:

Look at how extra she is! So very extra! 

You’re probably wondering why this isn’t a hot dog costume? I can only presume there was a major miscommunication at the conceptual level of costume development. 

Introducing Fat Magic Side Dishes

In non-dog-costume-related news, we’ve updated our Kickstarter menu to include add-ons! 

If you have your eye on a tasty treat from a higher tier, or just want to grab some extras for your friends, now’s the chance to do so. 

You can add the following rewards to your order:

$5 - Fat Magic sticker set. Set of fun and weird Fat Magic stickers designed by our artists.

$7 - Fat Magic dice bag. Keep your math rocks safe and warm with the Fat Magic dice bag designed by Amber Seger. (Design not finalized and subject to change)

$7 - Fat Magic drinks cozy. Like an actual wizard, the Fat Magic drinks cozy keeps your drink nice and cool. Designed by Amber Seger. (Design not finalized and subject to change)

$15 - Critical Alliance enamel pin. Identify yourself as a member of the powerful alliance of critics with this enamel pin designed by Amber Seger. (Design in production.)

$20 - Fat Magic DM screen. A four-panel DM Screen designed by Kinley Raftery, depicting one party's journey from humble employees to heroes of the realm.

$20 - Fat Magic dice tower. Fat Magic "Sweet Dreams Are Made of D’s" dice tower designed by Samatha McInnis. (Design not finalized and subject to change)

$20 - Rad Vibes T-Shirt. Rad Vibes T-shirt with radish graphic designed by Fat Magic artist Kinley Raftery.

$45 - Additional hardcover copy of Fat Magic. Dual-wield Fat Magic with a second fully illustrated hardcover edition of Fat Magic.

(You may have noticed that we’ve slashed 50 cents off the price of the drinks cozy and dice bag since our last email. Turns out Kickstarter only allows you to price rewards in whole numbers and we’d rather lower the price than raise it.)

That’s all for today. I’ll be in touch soon with some WIP art, and updates about the design for the enamel pin!

All the best,

SC Ormond

Five Days to GO!!!
about 2 years ago – Thu, Jul 29, 2021 at 06:43:58 PM

Well folks,

We’re in the home stretch now.

With just five days to go, Fat Magic is $28,000 FUNDED. We’ve got some tasty stretch goals under the belt but there’s a smörgåsbord of delicious extras still on the menu.


You’ve unlocked three yummy subclasses so far: The Circle of the Domestic Root druid ($21,000), the Domain of the Golden Hive cleric ($23,000), and the Pastamancer wizard ($27,000)!

(We’ve released a special playtest version of the honey cleric which you can play right now! Click to download.)

As of this morning, four of the wonderful one-shots designed by creators in the indie TTRPG community have been unlocked.

  • The Great Hamburger Heist ($22,000) by Steffie De Vaan, @100thingsilove
  • For Whom the Bean Tolls ($24,000) by Aurora Sanguine, @kae_serpent
  • Get Jjigae With It ($26,000) by Lex Kim Bobrow, @titanomachyrpg
  • The Hound of the Bakerville ($28,000) by Kiersten Bell, @clericalcleric

We’ve also unlocked custom Fat Magic character sheets designed by the one and only Amber Seger, so your characters will have somewhere nice and cozy to live.

The Rocky Road Ahead

The next few stretch goals have really got my soup simmering, folks.

We’ve got one-shots by Daniel “Drakoniques” Oleh (@Drakoniques) and Kimi Hughes (@goldenlassogirl). The Order of the Sweet Meat barbecue night is next on the menu. And the coveted Pact of the Celebrity Chef warlock is just $3,000 away!

We’ve got a slate of free content we’ll be releasing this week to make sure we knock down as many of these stretch goals as we can. But the more you help, the more of that sweet sweet stretch goal content there will be.

Shout from the rooftops! Tell your grandma! Learn to speak dog! There are five days left to back Fat Magic!

Shipping Update

Shipping news has been slower than I would like. That’s because the entire global shipping industry is a complete mess due to Covid right now.

We’ve secured some estimations for shipping the book, but these are based on if we shipped the book in the absolute trash fire shipping environment of today.

We’re hoping the industry will be looking a lot better next year and rates will be lower. Our number one priority right now is securing the lowest prices for international customers.

United States of America  $9.40

European Union   $16.06

Canada   $18.64

Australia   $21.25

New Zealand   $22.35

Europe (Non-EU)  $26.40

Rest of World    $44.36

(Estimations are an average for the region and subject to change as global shipping prices fluctuate.)

Five days, folks! Let’s do this!

All the best,


about 2 years ago – Wed, Jul 21, 2021 at 08:55:23 AM

Hey folks!

Now that Fat Magic is officially FUNDED, we’re adding six tasty one-shots written by folks in the indie TTRPG community as bonus stretch goals. 

Here's just a taste of what these fine folks have in store for you:

The Great Hamburger Heist ($22,000) - FUNDED

Few things are as decadent as the Duke of Bellington's candlelight suppers. The highlight of the dinner is always his Bellington Burger made with ankheg meat from the Black Sesame Mountains, buns from the grains of the Endless Plains, crisp gold leaf, and the duke's secret ingredient. Wealthy merchants and nobility pay absurd amounts for an invitation to his exclusive events.

You and your party are going to infiltrate the soirée, try the burgers (might as well!), rob the place blind, and, for the pièce de résistance, steal the duke’s recipe and reveal his secret to the world.

For Whom the Bean Tolls ($24,000) - FUNDED

When you and your party were selected to be judges at the annual Coffee Fair, it sounded like an easy and fun way to spend an afternoon… But you’ll soon learn just how bitter and dark coffee can be.

Get Jjigae With It ($26,000)

On the first day of every year, stew elementals hold a grand celebration with dancing, drinking, karaoke, and most importantly, a massive hot stone cauldron full of sundubu jjigae.  Eating this spicy, soft tofu stew is said to bring a year of good luck—if you’re able to get a bowl. Rivals, old flames, and new crushes are all distractions from getting a bowl of that good-good lucky stew!

The Hound of Bakerville ($28,000)

The small town of Bakerville is known for its sweet treats and even sweeter residents. But when renowned detective Sherbert Holmes goes missing investigating a string of disappearances in the idyllic town, it’s up to your party to follow a trail of breadcrumbs and make sure he makes it back in one scoop. The mystery begins with an alarmingly large, and surprisingly saccharine, footprint.

Featuring charming (and not-so-charming) NPC’s such as Dr. Jam Watson, Inspector Lestreudle, Moriartea, and Mycake Holmes, this one-shot calls for a pinch of mystery, a dash of cupcake combat, and classic detective twists as the cherry on top.

Story To Be Announced Soon! ($30,000)

Penne for Your Thoughts ($32,000)

The party helps a renowned elderly food mage collect the rare ingredients for her final feast before she retires. Along the way, they uncover the details of her amazing history.

We've already funded two of the one-shots, as well as the Circle of the Root potato druid and Order of the Golden Hive honey cleric.  Next up are custom Fat Magic character sheets designed by the UNIMPEACHABLE Amber Seger. 

If you want to help us hit all of these stretch goals, be sure to tell your friends about Fat Magic!

All the best,

SC Ormond

about 2 years ago – Thu, Jul 15, 2021 at 09:24:41 AM

Hey folks,

What can I say right now other than FAT MAGIC IS OFFICIALLY FUNDED!

We did it! You did it! It has been done! The state of doneness has been achieved!

I’m not going to lie, I’m doggy paddling in a sea of emotions right now. There’s still lots to do, so I’ll keep this brief.

I’ll be celebrating tonight at 6 PM on the Weave the Tale Twitch channel with a very special, all-new, one-shot adventure entitled Fat Magic: Rad Vibes.

I’ll be joined by @XanderSlamilton, @JamaicaSqueeze, and @pennyforatale in the hunt for the greatest band that ever seasoned the Bouillabaisse with its tasty jams. Tune in for a good time and some bad food puns.

I’ll be back with a meatier update soon, which will include the full list of new stretch goal one-shots written by folks in the indie TTRPG community.

Once again, thank you.

All the Best,

SC Ormond

75% Funded: Long Dogs & Live Shows
about 2 years ago – Tue, Jul 13, 2021 at 05:57:29 PM

Hey folks!

We have officially passed 75% funded with 20 days to go!

We had a killer first week of funding, thanks almost entirely to all of your incredible support and chatting about Fat Magic on socials. It absolutely means the world to us that you’re invested in our weird little project and seeing it funded.

(Feel free to share the friendly long dog on social media. Credit: @Kinley_R_Art)

Speaking of getting this bad boy funded, once we cross the $20,000 mark, I have a few surprises for you. Later this week, I’ll be adding new one-shots as stretch goals, written by a bunch of awesome folks in the indie tabletop community.

I’ll have more details on the stories they’ll be writing in the coming week (I’ve already peeped a few of the pitches and they are hilarious). For now, I’d like to extend a big Fat Magic welcome to these wonderful creators:





Fat Magic Live!

Want to see some Fat Magic in action? I’ll be GMing a bunch of live-streamed one-shots in the coming weeks, starting with 6 PM this Wednesday on the Weave the Tale network and 4 PM Saturday on atheatrephile’s Twitch.

Both sessions will be a new one-shot, called Fat Magic: Rad Vibes, about a bunch of misfit theatre kids banding together to save the old theatre.

Shipping update: The July 4 weekend is slowing things down a bit with our suppliers but the weights we need to calculate shipping are starting to trickle in. We will have some estimations for you very soon, and we are prioritizing finding the lowest rates possible for our international supporters.

Until then, here’s an exclusive peek at a brand Fat Magic image that no one has seen before, the completed Van Folk artwork by Jess Kuczynski.

(L to R: The Creeper, Jeepers, Yam, Hunk, Penelope)

Yeah. This is Fat Magic, folks.

Until next time,

SC Ormond