Fat Magic RPG - 5e Campaign Setting

Created by Fat Magic RPG

A fantasy adventure about food, community, and spaghetti wizards for 5th edition.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Countdown to PDF
7 months ago – Sun, Dec 03, 2023 at 01:22:03 PM

Hey there Non-Denominational Winter Celebration Goblins!

I’ve got a super teeny micro update for you. The PDF is designed and almost ready to go! We just need to proof the final copy and then we’ll send you your Fat Magic PDF.

Keep an eye on your mailboxes. We’re working our butts off to get you your delicious PDF before the coming holiday.

I’ll be in touch soon!


In the Charcuterie
8 months ago – Sun, Nov 05, 2023 at 04:49:08 PM

Hey there candy goblins,

The forces of gingerbread and peppermint have overthrown the seasonal coffee menu, which means it must be time for another Fat Magic update. 

The book layout is progressing steadily but sickness and day job shenanigans have set our schedule back a few weeks. Our designer says the book should be done in the next 2-3 weeks, after which we'll be proofing and sending the PDF your way — just in time for the holiday season!

Until then, here are the latest pages hot off the presses/graphic designers tablet thingy.

All the best,


Spooky Update!
9 months ago – Sun, Oct 01, 2023 at 04:11:19 PM

Hey there, pumpkin spiced goblins!

Just a quick update as we head into Spooky Season. Work is progressing nicely on the layout of the book and should be wrapping up sooner rather than later. Until then, I’ve got some spooky pages, courtesy of our amazing designer Amber Seger.

That’s all from me for this update! I’ll be in touch soon with PDF and production updates.


Pages & Swag
10 months ago – Sun, Sep 03, 2023 at 04:13:07 PM

Hey there solidarity goblins!

I’ve got some tasty production updates Labor Day weekend, but first I’ve got some exciting news from our friends at Cloud Curio. I’ve been a huge fan of this project since it started popping up on the Map Crow YouTube channel a few months back.   

MONSTROUS is the Game Manager's go-to tool for telling better stories through monsters. As an "oops, only flavor" book, there are no stat blocks. We love the classic high-fantasy monsters as much as the next gamer. But we miss the feelings of fear and awe we felt when first encountering these menacing bad guys. After years of gaming, they can feel stale or predictable. So we are stripping them down to their essences and refreshing them with details and qualities that will surprise and delight players.”

You can download the preview packet for free!

The Kickstarter goes live Tuesday 9/5/2023 at 9 am est.

Fat Magic 2.0

This month, our amazing graphic designer Amber Seger has been designing the new layout for Fat Magic. A lot has changed since the original free PDF and Amber has rebuilt everything from the ground up. Check out the face lift on the opening pages Fat Magic 2.0.

Dicebags & Koozies, Oh My!

With the book almost done and dusted, the physical goodies have entered production. Some are sitting in my living room as we speak, waiting to be boxed up and sent to your homes.

That's it for this update folks! I'll be in touch soon with big updates on the PDF and printing.



Last Backer OCs & Subclass
11 months ago – Sun, Aug 06, 2023 at 07:29:15 PM

Howdy hotdoggers!

I’ve got a few juicy updates this month as we’re plowing through the production process and some brand new art, hot off the artist.

As a quick production update, the book is completed, in design, and should be ready for proofing any day now. Once the PDF is finalized we’ll be emailing you your digital copies of Fat Magic.

The last two pieces of art, both illustrated by Carlos Sánchez Polo (@CSPstuff), have been submitted and are looking *chef’s kiss*. The first of these images is the FINAL group OC image, complete with a six-pack of mischievous wieners.

Ol Sport (patrick), Xalaria (Kyle), Hellthy (Matthew), Spaghetti Saucerer (Gary), Purple Gentleman (Scott), Chef (Katie)

The last piece of art in the book will be paired with the last of the kickstarted subclasses.

The Saucerer

The gods have been known to visit the earthly realms and sup from the pleasure of mortality from time to time. Chief among those pleasures is a vigorous activity that has the unintended side effect of creating entirely new creatures. This has resulted in several celestial lineages, the descendents of which are often blessed with innate culinary abilities and appearances. These are the Saucerers.

Until now, we’ve released the subclasses as standalone material to take the edge off the wait. But with the PDF release of Fat Magic imminent, I’m going to hold off and save this one for the book!

If everything goes to plan, I should be in touch very soon with a link for your book!



P.S. A small few backers have yet to complete their backerkit survey and pay for their delivery. Please doublecheck your backerkit order to make sure you get your book.